White Paper Hotdog Tray

  • Grease resistant
  • 250 pieces
  • Disposable


White Paper Hotdog Tray

  • High QUALITY: The hot dog paper trays are made of dense paper. They are disposable, recyclable and durable. So white paper trays are a better alternative to plastic food trays. This product lightweight, sturdy body for holding regular size hot dogs.
  • GREASE RESISTANT: Its clay coating offers a grease-resistant barrier that contains moisture and oil, eliminating the need for a tray liner. With these food trays, you can enjoy your food without worrying about spillage or grease stains seeping out of the bottom and onto your hands or clothes.
  • FLUTED DESIGN: Easily serve hot dogs or sausages with this customizable white paper tray. Boasting a white coloring that perfectly complements any setting, this paper tray is conveniently sized to fit a standard hot dog and has a compact design, making it easy for customers to hold and enjoy your signature items.
  • SERVE PLATES: The trays are perfect for serving food at parties, carnivals, festivals, movie theatres, concession stands, and indoor and outdoor events. They are perfect for summer grilling BBQ, hotdogs. It is perfect for outdoor summer grilling, these food trays are also great for other summer carnivals and events.
  • EASY CLEAN UP: White paper trays are perfect for serving hot dogs for easy cleanup, Disposable for quick and easy cleanup. They’re especially fitting for a party or other event at a carnival. These red and white-hot dog trays are a convenient alternative to regular plates. Make cleanup easy by reducing the number of dishes left behind when guests leave. The holders fit around the shape of the food and provide an easy grip while keeping hands clean.


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