Stemless Wine Glasses with Gold Rim Plastic 12 oz.

  • Material: PET
  • 25 pieces per set
  • Color: Transparent
  • Theme: Party, Wedding
  • Unbreakable Crystal Clear Plastic Wine Glasses Champagne Glass


Stemless Wine Glasses with Gold Rim Plastic 12 oz.

A set of 25 shatterproof 9 ounces crystal clear glass can display wine, champagne, sparkling wine, etc.
Whether the glasses are sitting on a table, bar or tray, the handleless body can maintain stability
Smooth rounded edges are easy to sip, and slightly tapered sides are easy to grasp
Suitable for outdoor use such as high-end weddings, catering, banquets, cocktail parties and terraces, swimming pools and beaches.
Enhance your drinking experience with clear wine glasses. Our cup not only looks beautiful but also feels good. The rounded edge design makes it comfortable to drink. The stemless cup prevents tipping and allows a stable infusion of wine or beverages. The shatter-resistant PET material makes it perfect for high-end events, such as holiday parties, formal dinners, catering celebrations. Suitable for water, cocktails, lemonades, juices and even desserts


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