No-Touch Keychain

The No Contact Hand App helps you to prevent interaction with dirty, public surfaces with ATM keys, from door handles to keypads and touch screens.

Use the Hygiene Hand to push buttons, click a chair, flush a toilet and carry food containers, touch screens, using elevators, switches, toilets, gas pumps, levers, payment systems, garbage bins, and so on.

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It attaches easily to the keychain and stands up to daily use. Due to its small size and lightweight, you can easily carry it anywhere with you.

Key chain Tool is composed entirely of solid alloy material. Ergonomic design, hold on to one side and let the other pass onto other objects that effectively block hazardous substances to assist with your daily tasks.



No-Touch Keychain

Material: 70% copper and 30% zinc

Size(about): 3.1x 1.26 inch(8 x 3.2cm)

Weight(about): 24g Per Pieces

Color: Golden

Security Material

has upgraded the previous door opener, which is composed of 70% copper and 30% zinc, the hygiene hand is made to help you “open doors & use shared surfaces “. Our keys are durable, light and portable, and can effectively prevent harmful substances.


Keep Your Hands Clean

Protect yourself from direct contact to ensure your maintain hand hygiene. So, by using our no touch door opener you can effectively avoid touching and contaminating.


Wide Application

Our zero contact tools can replace our hands to contact public equipment totally. Perfect for avoiding dirt and pollution that exists on the public drawer, door handle, elevator button and so on. Silicone head can touch any screen device to prevent scratching the screen of a mobile phone.


Package Included

2Pcs x No Touch Door Opener with Key Ring


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