Camera Adhesive Mount

  • Helmet Adhesive Mount
  • Motor Bikes and Cars Camera Mount
  • Adhesive Car Accessory
  • Action Camera Mount
  • Car Sticky Camera Pads


Camera Adhesive Mount

  • Camera Adhesive Mount provides you great quality and efficiency it has a flexible base plate for attachment to curved or flat surfaces which provides a strong and safe grip.
  • Adhesive Camera mounts are Compatible with a wide variety of curved and flat surfaces you can stick your cameras with it on your helmets, bikes, Perfect for skiing, mountain biking, water sports, climbing, motocross and other action sport
  • The adhesive mount is a universal design that fits most camera brands and models. And the adhesive mounts on your cameras, to attach it securely to any surface such as glass or metal surfaces.
  • It is easily removable by applying heat to adhesive bond and peeling off mount which doesn’t damage your camera or surface
  • This camera mount is made of plastic and has adhesive tape on the back which will stick to your camera They’re waterproof, so they can be used securely in most conditions.


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