Disposable White Paper Bags 5″ x 5″

  • Grease resistant
  • 100 pieces
  • 5″ x 5″ size


Disposable White Paper Bags 5″ x 5″

  • Ideal Brown-Bag: Our bags are made of certified food grade brown paper and are ideal for packing, storing, and transporting food. Our bags have a flat square bottom and can stand on their own, making packaging and displaying food easier. Use them to make great for hotdogs, hamburgers and other dishes.
  • Recyclable: Our lunch pack paper bags are made of recyclable materials. They can also be used in the microwave and frozen. There’s no need to clean up, simply put them in the garbage when you’re finished.
  • Plastic’s Alternative: This bag is a fantastic alternative to plastic bags. It’s not only more physically beautiful than a plastic bag, but it also conveys a sense of quality to your customers that they can feel. This bag will give your items a sophisticated image as they go out the door, whether you use it at your grocery shop, market, café or bakery and restaurants etc.
  • Size Variable: This Double Open bag is ideal for lighter supermarket goods such as hamburgers or hot dogs, as well as smaller bakery or cafe orders. It can even be a permanent fixture in your shop. While the bags top borders can be rolled down to provide better protection for all contents, its rectangular base allows it to stand upright during loading.
  • Color and Size: This bag natural brown tone can go with any store’s design or color plan, and it will serve as a blank canvas for you to accessories. Its compact yet versatile size is ideal for smaller groups of items or single-item purchases, and it’s natural brown color goes with any style of decor and may be decorated to match your own personal taste.


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