Chocolate Mold

  • Unbreakable chocolate mold
  • Nonstick hot chocolate bombs, small chocolate molds
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Pack of 2


Chocolate Mold

  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: It’s easy to make candies from our silicone sphere moulds, like 1, 2, 3. Breakable Chocolate Mold will give you the ability to perfectly craft your delicious treats. When you’re finished, the special surface makes it remarkably easy to pop the candies out without leaving any deliciousness behind. Cleaning is quick afterwards; just chuck them in the dishwasher and enjoy your treats.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONALITY: These chocolate bomb mold can be used to make several different candies, truffles, Cups of peanut butter, ice cubes, and mini soap. You can use it in making a variety of items very easily because it is designed for multipurpose use.
  • SILICONE, NON-STICK: Angel’s peel lounge Silicone molds are flexible, nonstick liquid silicone mould makes the material easy to release and easy to clean, Does not release odour during cooking and does not require butter, oil or grease
  • PROFESSIONAL CHOCOLATE MOLDS: If you love to use a professional show for your chocolates you. If you are trying to give your treats a picture-perfect, professional look, this makes silicone chocolate mold letters a valuable tool. These decorative chocolate mold silicone are made of silicone from high-grade food, and that’s not all. They’re also easy to bend, waterproof, and have a surface that is easy to release.
  • FUN WITH FAMILY: It’s a fun and pleasant bonding opportunity for all to enjoy making treats with family members or kids! Each of our butterfly chocolate mold is made of high-quality silicone for baking delicious treats. You will enjoy our silicon chocolate molds fun with family


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